“Our relationship with Tools for Language and Communication is an amazing one. We do not think anyone could ever find such an incredible group of therapists. Jackie Klein and Risa Kirsh have changed our family’s lives.
We started with my older son who at the time was in the 2nd grade. Seeing how much Jackie and Risa helped, we brought our younger son too. Jackie and Risa helped both our sons develop into the amazing and confident children they are today. TLC does not only mean Tools for Language and Communication, to our family it also means tender loving care. They are smart, kind, insightful and amazing with a staff to match. We have also had the pleasure of working with other members of their staff. We recently added OT to our younger sons’s sessions...he is so happy to go to OT, he can’t wait for Wednesdays. Having a bright and fantastic OT on the premises has made our life easier... TLC is truly a one stop shop. They have and continue to fulfill all of our  needs - no stone is ever left unturned. ”

M.D., P.D. Purchase, NY

“My children have been working with the staff at Tools for Language and Communication since 2004. TLC is a warm, professional practice with very talented and well trained professionals. Their approach is excellent and I have seen first-hand strong, solid growth in my children’s skills while maintaining high self-confidence. Jackie and Risa are very approachable
and go well beyond the individual session to assist in speaking with teachers and offer invaluable advice. When I recently was hit with the news that my middle school child did not score well on an evaluation, the first person I called was Jackie for advice. I truly believe that every child would benefit from their approach.”
P.L., Bedford, NY

“Our family has worked with Risa Kirsh for the past 6 consecutive years.
In that time, I have found her to be an honest, caring, and incredibly skilled therapist. She provided my eldest son with the tools he needed to "phase out" from her services and successfully and independently navigate his way through school. Risa also has a special way of making a connection to the kids with whom she works and gains their trust to elicit their best effort. She is an incredibly talented speech therapist who has worked on a myriad of issues with each of my children. Her expertise in the field of speech and language is absolutely the vital piece of my children's speech and language puzzle.” A.W., Purchase, NY

“Risa Kirsh, Jackie Klein, and Robyn Weindel have made it possible for my six year old with a language disorder to thrive and succeed in school. They changed the course of my child's social and academic world, providing him with the tools and skills to help him compensate for his disability. They are kind, helpful, and didactic with my son. They taught him multiple coping mechanisms to work around his disability, while simultaneously helping him to work through it. His whole life has changed for the better since he began working with the Tools for Language and Communications team.”  
D.N., Chappaqua, NY

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355 Main Street

Armonk, NY 10504

“Spot on identifying issues and phenomenal at developing and implementing personalized
programs that work”.

M.B., Bedford, NY

“Tools for Language & Communication transformed
not only our son but our whole family. Their combination of skill, professionalism, and compassion led to outcomes we never dreamed possible. We are filled with hope and gratitude”.

W.C., Danbury, CT